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Steps to Personal Financial Security

Surviving a financial crisis is a personal decision in most cases. Financial emergencies happen because of poor planning, poor spending, poor savings, poor associates, bad jobs, and unexpected expenses like medical conditions or accidents. With some simple steps and some planning, you can insulate yourself somewhat, and perhaps stay away from the financial traps that are so common.

Disaster Preparation Checklist

    The planning process begins with steps and priorities:
  • Quit using credit cards.
  • Shop at 99 cent type stores.
  • Window shop and brouse the second hand stores.
  • Coupons are an option.
  • Compare prices. Bulk is not always cheaper. Coupons are not always cheaper.
  • Buy the kids toys that require physical activity. Balls, puzzles, games, sports.
  • Consider keeping the car for one more year.
  • Re-use, Recycle, Repair, Re-purpose, Reconsider, Re-gift, Return.
You may need to change your habits, the habits of your family and friends, and even how you live your life. Try a discussion with family members. They may be more co-operative than you expect. Money does NOT buy happiness. But... Happiness does NOT buy money either. Nor does it save you in a crisis.

 Jay Lashlee, True Trust Book by Jay Lashlee