Ten Tax Protester Claims To Avoid

Fighting with the Tax Man

  1. Don't argue our tax system is voluntary.
  2. The court says you can't use the Fifth Amendment.
  3. Don't claim Federal Reserve Notes (or wages or tips either) aren't taxable "income".
  4. Arguing or disputing "definitions" won't work.
  5. Claiming foreign vs. domestic income is very difficult.
  6. The First Amendment won't help you in a tax case.
  7. The court says the Thirteenth Amendment will not help.
  8. Courts ignore the Sixteenth Amendment argument.
  9. The paperwork reduction argument does not work.
  10. Avoid entity arguments. It's very hard to "prove" you are a church.
Paying taxes, privacy and prevention from targeting are the best ways to avoid tax problems.

 Jay Lashlee, True Trust Book by Jay Lashlee