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Best Reasons for Asset Protection and Privacy

Most people say the best reason to write a trust is to avoid probate, including most estate planners, but avoiding probate is not the best reason to write a trust. Avoiding probate benefits your family, but doesn't protect you.

Some professionals say "Avoiding probate is the top reason for estate planning".

I researched protection and the best reason to write a trust on google and only found two listings and both were mine. The other 8 listings had nothing to do with "protection".

I then searched for, reasons to write a trust and the first listing was an article by Steven W. Allen, JD, an expert Estate Planning Attorney with over 30 years experience titled, "Top 10 Reasons You Need A Trust." Here is Mr. Allen's list:
  • 1. Your trust avoids probate.
  • 2. You keep control.
  • 3. It takes less time.
  • 4. Your privacy is maintained.
  • 5. It is less expensive.
  • 6. No special government forms are needed.
  • 7. Low maintenance.
  • 8. Special gifts are easy with a living trust.
  • 9. Eliminate or reduce estate tax.
  • 10. Effective Pre-Nuptial Planning.
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